Sex Positivity and Freedom

by polymisfitmoves

As most things about my life 

My previous blog WANTING had people questioning me again, I dont know people, I dont know what I am saying wrong but its not happening for me, if anything Im spending my time weeding out confused beings and weirdos out of my life… 

The negative thing about being a sex positive woman is that people almost expect you to literally sit on every dick that swings itself your way, I mean I admitted to loving sex right? So why am I choosy? Wrong… Again

Sex positivity is my accepting myself as a woman, a sexual and sensual being and not allowing anybody especially our frigid society to dictate to me what is wrong or right, my sex positivity is my acceptance and love of all things that entails my vagina and orgasms. It took me a long time to get to this stage, I like a lot of women grew up believing the farce that is purity, associating sex with being naughty and pretending not to love sex under the pretext of “purity”.

Saying wanting/loving sex is dirty and sinful is so comical its sad, I cannot disassociate myself from my body and I cannot loathe my body and its desires cause I want to be “pure” and yes I get that I am judged by a lot of people for expressing myself but Im happy with myself and that is all that matters.

I grew up being made to believe that in order for me to be chose I had to be pure and from the youngest age I never wanted to get married, it was never an ambition of mine and growing up and coming to terms with my truth was the beginning of my journey to self love and acceptance. I dont have to live by standards and expectations that I didnt set for myself, I like my freedom and I love my vagina… Offended yet?

So as I was saying, people expect you to be accepting of anything and everything, people take chances of all sorts, people are just plain stupid and Im tired of having to deal and void with such, what is this life? What am I doing wrong?

Not to say I havent been asked if I wanna fuck, its happens however dont come at me with an attitude that ” just because” I said I miss sex Im gonna have to fuck you, you are not entitled to anything, my being expressive does not mean I will never say no, same way it does not mean you have a “right” to disrespect me just because ” Im not acting like a lady” Blow me already

There is this one person I am interested in, however his short sight and seemingly dodgy ways make him all kinds of unattractive, see I did say before that I understand people taking chances however people being unsure cause they have an image to uphold really shouldnt be my issue and they need to cut their losses and move on **sigh** Im not about the prisoners of society, Im not one, so miss me already with EVERYTHING.

I am free, I am a woman, I love sex, are you bothered? Check if I give a damn and chances are if you judge me for being sex positive then you probably are horrible in bed and I might just show you off *chuckles* Sorry that was mean….

So invite me, cuddles, coffee and conversations, lets chat, whatever and get your truth and freedom, it will change your life 🙂